Galactic Arkanoid

Galactic Arkanoid - Space Game
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Categories: Arcade, Space

Galactic Arkanoid

Welcome to Galactic Arkanoid, hero! The apocalypse is about to begin! Only you can help billions to survive. Two heroes - Cleaner and Bubble will help you to crush all the boxes threatening the world! The game is similar to a common arcanoid, but there are several important features that surely make the gameplay more interesting. First - the moving boxes: when you get to higher levels you'll understand that moving parts are more interesting to hunt. Second: the mutant guards. You should neutralize them as well as the boxes. Third thing is the time limit - you should hurry up! And the last but not the least items are various bonuses: armored ball, multiball, additional life, AI support board and others. Collect them to win! But do not forget to avoid getting anti-bonuses: speed decrease, -1 life, reducing time limit and so on. Moreover, the ball in Galactic Arkanoid is not simple - it rounds upon its axis and jumps off the objects with the unpredictable angle. Visuals and sound effects are atmospheric and they help you to dive into the world of space journey. The game will surely entertain you for a very long time because the gameplay is so groovy that you will not lose interest even after hours of breaking those tricky boxes. Each new level will bring new tactician puzzle: if you make a perfect shot, you'll pass the stage over a few seconds! Do your best to be the best! Galactic Arkanoid is a great adventure for most skillful and dexterous ones. Download this game for free right now! Join thousands of arcanoid lovers and get into the unforgettable galactic action.


Download Galactic Arkanoid - Space Game Download Galactic Arkanoid - Space Game Download Galactic Arkanoid - Space Game


Lots of tricky boxes
Vivid space visuals
2 modes of playing
Atmospheric in-game music and sound effects
Space Game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or better
Pentium 200mhz or better
15 MB hard drive space
800x600 display resolution mode or higher
High or true color highly recommended
DirectX 5.0 or better
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