Frozen Kingdom

Frozen Kingdom
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Frozen Kingdom

Do you like fairy tales? Of course, you do. So, you'll enjoy the game Frozen Kingdom undoubtedly. Long long ago in one kingdom reigned a noble king Spring and his pretty wife Summer, they had six children: 3 little girls - April, June and July and 3 nice boys - March, May and August. Parents worshiped their children and indulged them by all means. The royal family was loved by their courtiers and peasants, because both king and queen were fair and kind. The weather in the kingdom was always warm, the sun shone brightly and trees were green all the year round. But, nevertheless, all inhabitants of the kingdom knew what winter was, sometimes they travelled to another realm to buy unusual dainty - ice-cream, which was made only there. All people liked ice-cream, but unfortunately it melted too fast in the evergreen kingdom. Everybody was happy, and nothing was of ill omen, but day after day it grew colder and colder. And people didn't understand what was happening. Nobody could even guess that old mighty wizard was looking for a spell, which would turn the evergreen kingdom to frozen. Finally this warlock managed to create such a spell… The pitch-dark night and deathlike cold set in the game Frozen Kingdom, the streets became deserted, because all the inhabitants turned into icy sculptures. The legend told that only another mage would be able to defeat the wicked wizard, set people free from the cold captivity and bring warmth back to the kingdom! Play the game Frozen Kingdom and remove the curse of cold from the happy realm!


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Lots of mini-games
Pop-up hints
Bright gameplay
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.6 Ghz or better
1 Gb RAM
DirectX 9.0