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For those who have ever been to a Farm nothing seems very strange or surprising there. The smells from the farmyard and the voices which numerous animals produce is a part of an ordinary day at any Farm. But what about those who have never had an experience of being or working there? It's hard and unbearable job for them to get up early in the morning and work with animals till the evening. But if somebody owns a place like this it can be not only a trouble but also a perfect opportunity to earn good money. And now you'll get a chance to try your hand at it. Various buildings and animals will be at your disposal. Your task is to look after the pigs and other animals and feed them. But it isn't all you'll have to do here. Numerous buildings need repairing and you're responsible for it. And don't forget that all your attempts will bring you the money if you're careful enough in your business. Get meat from the pigs and send it to the nearest town to sell. Learn what your customers are interested in and produce more products for them. The money you get you can spend to upgrade your buildings and buy new animals. Don't forget to water the crops as they can also be sold at the market. There will be one more difficulty - you'll have to protect your Farm from the boar not to lose everything you have. Be attentive and hard-working to become a real businessman and be successful in what you do. Use your imagination to create useful ideas about how to sell more and make the quality of the goods higher!

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