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Flowers Story: Fairy Quest
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Flowers Story: Fairy Quest

In our fast-moving world of advanced technologies that inevitably affect our lives every day, psychologists recommend to choose the most comfortable pace of life and reduce the level of daily stress. One of the ways to do it - is the flower therapy in which you just contemplate the beauty of plants and flowers. Such techniques are widely used in Asian countries, where people learn how to understand the delicate matter and emotions. But if you want to relax after a busy day you don't have to go to the East. Now you can simply download the game Flowers Story: Fairy Quest. It is a peaceful, bright and colorful game about a magical world of flowers in which enchanting fairies live in peace and relaxation. Flowers Story: Fairy Quest gives you a unique chance to become a fairy yourself and try to make this world a little better. There are many levels filled with different puzzles and mini-games of different genres. You will learn how to gather flowers in a special way so that they do not fade. After that you can make bouquets for everyone who wants to order them. Learn to catch the flowers on the fly and separate them from the weeds. But it is not just fun and relaxation. In Flowers Story: Fairy Quest you will also have to unravel the terrible secret of disappearance of a forest fairy and help the young heroine to obtain wings and save her friends... So Flowers Story: Fairy Quest is a perfect game to have a rest after a difficult and busy day in the office, try it!