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Fairy Island
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Fairy Island

Ever wondered where you can download nice fairy games? You've just got the chance to do it right now! Fairy Island used to be a magical place unique, pure and untouched by human hands. But it was just until the Pirates landed on shore causing troubles to everyone. Now the poor fairies are trapped inside magic crystals, and it`s your mission to get them out. Make your way around the island to find small pieces of the pirates' map which will show you where to go next. Complete the map and start a mini game to find all the hidden acorns. Download fairy games and travel across the enchanted forests of Fairy Island to collect golden acorns along the way. Then visit the Fairy Fare, where a golden acorn can buy unique fairy magic. Ariana, a little fairy, will accompany you in your journey. If the game seems to have slowed down, use a hint or ask Ariana for help. You can see how many acorns you've gathered so far at any time. Collect as many acorns as possible and you'll be rewarded! The game Fairy Island offers four different play modes, so you'll surely find a mode to your taste be it the normal mode or locks, shifter or puzzles. You also have a chance to spice up your game by purchasing any of the 9 upgrades available. Switch modes to make your game diversified but not until you open all of the 4 play modes! Watch the fairies fly free from their prison and enjoy quality graphics and audio effects. Download fairy games totally for free right now!


Screenshot of Fairy Island – Download fairy games Screenshot of Fairy Island – Download fairy games Screenshot of Fairy Island – Download fairy games


Explosively fast-paced puzzles
Four unique modes of game play
9 upgrades to purchase
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
based on

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