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Mission: Escape from Island
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Mission: Escape from Island

Destroy the enemy base and complete the secret mission in the dynamic shooter Mission: Escape from Island! Are you fond of action movies where the strong heroes defend the world from various threats such as radiation, terrorism and lots of deadening infections? If you like such a movie genre, you’ll appreciate the game Mission: Escape from Island without fail! Get ready to join the breathtaking adventures right now! The plot of the game is like a true action movie – the elite force soldier is the only one who managed to survive after the disastrous air catastrophe. The aircraft from the secret service department was knocked down by the enemies. The entire squad is dead now, and only the one man survived in this pandemonium. There was neither a pilot training flight nor a sad misfortune. The disgusting traitor informed the enemies about forthcoming operation by destroying the weapons as Surface-to-Air Missiles, so all the members of the elite squad were killed. But the one soldier managed to survive and now he is the only one who can complete the challenging mission. Help him, he won’t be able to overcome all the obstacles without your help! Launch the game Mission: Escape from Island and prepare to become a member of a legendary military squad that was almost totally annihilated! Your first task is to get a first-aid kit to heal the wounded soldier and after his recovering the adventures will go in full swing. Explore the vast island to find the secret weapons and choose the way to deactivate them. It’s better to use dynamite to explode them, but sometimes you are to rack your brains and look for another way. Of course, the enemy troops will try to stop you, so be extremely attentive not to die. Pick up ammos and first-aid kits to be heavily-armed. If you are lack of supplies, visit the enemy tents and you’ll find there everything you need. Reject all your fears and doubts – only you can complete the mission and protect the world from terrorists! Play the game Mission: Escape from Island and become a true hero!