Enchanted Cavern 2

Enchanted Cavern 2
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Enchanted Cavern 2

It's high time for breathtaking adventures, reckless feats and unforgettable stories! The game Enchanted Cavern 2 resembles fairytales from the magnificent collection of Arabian Nights with their sly pilferers, noble guards and incredible treasures! The story of young vagrant Ali was quite similar to thousands sad stories of other pilferers and frauds, but this boy was luckier than his predecessors, that's why his life story was glorified in legends! Ali's parents died from fever when the boy was very small and the boy's uncle, greedy for wealth, took the house and threw Ali to the dusty streets of the large town. The brought up in luxury child joined the company of notorious brigands and thieves and in 10 years became the leader of this gang. But even being a thief Ali stayed noble and kind, he robbed the merchants and gave money and cloths to all indigent. His uncle died and the house of Ali's ancestors came into possession of the sultanate. Being unable to pay the house off the mortgage, Ali decided to find money to return his house. And he remembered the age-old fable about mystique cavern full of treasures. In the game Enchanted Cavern 2 you are to help the reckless boy get rich loot from the cavern! Click on groups of three or more identically colored tokens to destroy them and remove stones from jewels! Break two or more groups of tokens in a row to create a combo. Creating the combos increases the points' multiplayer. Play the game Enchanted Cavern 2 and help Ali earn a fortune and return his house!
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Seven chapters
List of trophies and awards
Perfect graphics
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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
128 Mb of video memory
DirectX 8.0
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