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Dream Cars - Customize car game
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Dream Cars

A dream and hard work stand behind this brilliant success. No one else knows better about it than Masha and Dasha, 2 main characters of Dream Cars, who are crazy about cars. And even though doing their best, the girls fail races one after the other. Then the friends find out what their mistake is. In spite of the fact that Masha and Dasha got into racing, they don't know enough about cars. In order to become more experienced, they opened their own shop where girls are willing to paint cars and make easy repairs. Young racers of Dream Cars made up a great team. While Masha is good at selling and serving clients, Dasha is great at repairing, painting cars and providing tire service. Working hard day in and day out, the girls don't have time to race. Even when they do, they fail because of lack of positive experience in racing. Moreover, their business goes not so well they wish it would be. It got clear for them that they need someone to manage their shop and direct a car during a race. This position means that one needs to make decisions about the way they produce, repair and sell cars. Moreover, to improve girls' business by making changes in the store's style, adding more parking slots, having third party and so on. You seem to be a beginner but girls' business goes so bad no one wants to take part in it, and worried Masha and Dasha have given this position to you. At first, they are going to show how to manage a store, and then you need to take the initiative. Don't screw up and achieve success with two pretty girls who are about to entrust you with their dream in Dream Cars.


Download Dream Cars - Customize car game Download Dream Cars - Customize car game Download Dream Cars - Customize car game


About 50 captivating levels
Fast-paced time-management
Attractive racing gameplay
Adjustable car design
Customize car game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.0
based on

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