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Destiny Architect
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Destiny Architect

Dear friend! Read the story which may be interesting for you. Once upon a time there lived a small girl. She lived a happy life as all her friends did. She played together with the other children, walked in the street and was an ordinary girl. But one day a strange thing happened. It changed the life of this young lady. She realized that she had some magic power, some great abilities. Everybody from her surroundings was afraid of her; nobody wanted to communicate with the girl anymore. She felt lonely and isolated in the world where she was unusual. How could she solve the problem herself? Only one person agreed to help her and decided to send her study. The Magic Academy was ready to teach her and give the girl a chance to become a Destiny Architect. She worked hard, tried to learn more and trained a lot to be successful in the subjects. Everything that this young magician did was fantastic. She used her skills and abilities to build enormous buildings and constructions. Casting spells she turned simple bricks into real works of art. Nobody could do it better. She has become a real Destiny Architect. And now you can try and experience the same doing tasks for the girl to create something new. You'll become a real ruler of the figures. Put them to the right places and look how they will turn into various structures. Be careful and tolerant and your talents of the Destiny Architect will become conspicuous. Enjoy this classic Tetris entertainment with new rules and design!