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The Other Side: Tower Of Souls
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The Other Side: Tower Of Souls

Reveal the secrets of the magic tower and stop the conflict between the sisters in the breathtakingly beautiful game The Other Side: Tower Of Souls! Do you like mystical stories which plot will make you not even be involved into the game process but as well sympathize the main characters? The game The Other Side: Tower Of Souls is a masterpiece of hidden object genre. So start playing right now! Once an ordinary detective has received a letter from the girl Lily, who was writing about a meeting in the old tower on the city’s cemetery. But the problem is that this tower has been ruined 200 years ago. The legends say that this tower was a wizards’ sanctuary. Now you are to find the way to get into it and reveal all the secrets. As you’ll see later, everything is not so easy: a smiling cat gave you a magic medallion with the help of which you managed to restore the ruins of the tower and get into it. You’ll meet with Lily but don’t be afraid, she is a ghost whose destination is to prevent opening of the gates to the realm of the dead. But it’s not an easy thing – the evil witch is still in the tower and she will cause lots of troubles to you. Who is this witch and why is she so angry with all around? Get to the top of the tower and find it out! It’s high time to start investigating the tower and look for hidden objects – there are lots of them. Lily won’t be able to help you every time, but Boris the cat will. He becomes your companion and leads you to the top of the mysterious tower. There you will find all the answers to your questions and some of them will be shocking. Cope with interesting mini-games to unlock amazing achievements! Find a frog and clean your way from the dreadful spiders without using the Skip button to get the achievement “Way to go”! Check your skills in exploring hidden object scenes and solving mini-games in The Other Side: Tower Of Souls and keep the gates to the realm of the dead locked forevermore!