Crazy Serpentine

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Crazy Serpentine

The engines are hungry and ready to eat all the fuel, the racers nervously wait for a signal to accelerate and rush through the crowd of rivals towards the victory! Meet the awesome motorcycle racing game Crazy Serpentine! Get ready to the most courageous drive in history of races, full of danger, speed and adrenaline boost. Your heavy way to the absolute victory will lead you through three cups each with several races. Don't get lost on the way among 15 opponents calling for their skills and luck. Get on your bike and fight for the place that gives you more points. Increase the acceleration and handling quality, make your bike more stable and light to jump easily when needed. Enjoy the captivating 3D graphics that blows your feeling of reality when you play Crazy Serpentine with its cool soundtrack. Hit the rivals or, be sure, they will hit you. Watch out for the barrels and especially for the red ones - they explode really hard when touched and fire burns a lot. Keep away from the edges of tracks in order to stay on top and not fall down. Sometimes you will need to restart the track for several times in the beginning to get a proper result, but in fact this is what you need to increase your experience and be ready for the tracks where only real dare-devils are permitted. Calm down and prepare for the mind-blowing turns and deep jumps, face merciless rivals and heavy track conditions. Explore the championship for the highest-rate motorcycle racers who know no retreat and sorrow. Download the thrilling game Crazy Serpentine for free and overtake everything!


Download Crazy Serpentine - Free moto games Download Crazy Serpentine - Free moto games Download Crazy Serpentine - Free moto games


Awesome 3D visuals
Cool physics and controls
True to life simulations
Dynamic rocking soundtracks
Free moto games - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.7 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
based on

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