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Coffee Rush 3
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Coffee Rush 3

Welcome to Bean Town - quite an ordinary place full of simple workers and other citizens who like to drink coffee. Every evening they hang out and relax sipping cappuccinos, smoozies and American black coffee with doughnuts, pastry and sandwiches. Every evening but not this one! What happened? There is a newcomer in the town who decided to make money on residents and deliver them poor quality drinks for highest prices. What a shame! Forget about high prices, bad service and welcome to the café where only best drinks are served! Be quick! The game Coffee Rush 3 combines a matching game with time management activities. There you'll have to solve riddles and destroy combinations of tiles thus collecting points for making fragrant cups of coffee for the customers who wait for you. Every time several lines of tiles are destroyed new cups of coffee, fresh and luscious, are ready to be given to the guests. Later you can serve customers with sandwiches and other tidbits. Sugar, cream, coffee beans and syrups are all around you 24/7. Gather the ingredients and earn enough money and tips for going through the game successfully. Money banknotes will also appear on the screen and don't miss a chance to put them into your cash desk! Coffee Rush 3 is a great entertainment for both kids and adults looking for new experience and simple rules. The game is full of surprises and power-ups so you'll never get bored. All the levels in Coffee Rush 3 are designed extremely realistically so you'll have an impression you have your own business!