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Will you be able to cope with the Clutter? Look! You have a mess of objects! They are put in a chaotic order, but there is a pair for every object. Find it! Clutter is an interesting game of the Hidden Object genre. At the beginning of each level you can read an interesting quote on the clutter and life. There is a great variety of puzzles. Sometimes you can see the objects you need to find the pair for, sometimes they are all put in one mess and you have to find 2 identical objects. The more levels you complete the bigger the clutter gets. The objects might be even split into 2 parts! You have a limited number of hints, you are to solve tricky puzzles to earn the extra hints. For example you need to drag the coins onto the playing field to fill the 25 squares correctly. Or you need to find the identical pictures as fast as possible. Your final goal is to find 12 eternity rocks hidden all over the world. Collect letters scattered among the objects to see in what place the next rock is hidden. Don't forget to collect the coins, they give you extra hints! The game Clutter is an ultimate time-killer. Will you be attentive enough to match all the objects?