Old Clockmaker's Riddle

Old Clockmaker's Riddle
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Old Clockmaker's Riddle

Following your natural curiosity you open the letter which was sent to you by mistake and learn about the dying town and about the Old Clockmaker's Riddle. Willing to help, you set off on a journey which may be extremely dangerous. However, you are not afraid of the obstacles which may interfere with your plans. You meet the only person remained in the city - Mr. Ryan - who has been trying to solve the mystery the Old Clockmaker's Riddle but couldn't make hand or tail of it. Even though he figured out the route of the problem he couldn't cope with it without your help. And you are eager to start this marvelous quest, aren't you? Mr. Ryan tells you that one day the clock on the city's tower started going counterclockwise and that was the beginning of the end! As soon as it happened all the buildings were beginning to go to ruin and people were becoming getting older and older. That's why all the citizens have left the city and it is slowly dying now. In the Old Clockmaker's Riddle game you are to match the colorful crystals but only the ones which have the clock's hands on them. As soon as you collect the defined number of such crystals the level is finished and you are praised with Mr. Ryan. He has already created numerous power-up for you to make your quest-solving process a little bit easier. However, the Clockmaker has a lot of secret puzzles for you in store. What kind of? Download the thrilling game and see with your own eyes!


Download Old Clockmaker's Riddle Download Old Clockmaker's Riddle Download Old Clockmaker's Riddle


Great number of levels
Numerous puzzles
Bright and beautiful design
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows /XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.4 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0