Cake Shop 3

Cake Shop 3 - Download cafe games
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Cake Shop 3

Do you like sweet dessert? If cakes with cream and strawberry biscuits don't leave you indifferent then we have something to offer you! Isn't it a dream of everyone who has a sweet tooth to own a business which is connected with cakes! Just imagine: now you can both have a cake and eat it! And what's more pleasant - you can make good money with it! With Cake Shop 3 all your dreams will come true. It's going to be a revolution in your life. The world of colorful sweets and tasty ice-cream is waiting for you. Are you ready to prove you can not only be a fan of cakes but also earn money and be a real businessman? Customers all over the world will visit your shop to try any of the dishes from the menu. Try to impress them all. If you have creativity, fantasy and strong desire to work then Cake Shop 3 is the very thing you need. Run your own business right now! Choose the best recopies suitable for the local people, learn what they like most and cook for them. Be fast and at the same time polite with your clients, listen to them and do what they want in the shortest time possible! They don't like to wait for their desserts! So, remember: the better you work the more money you get. Don't hesitate and don't be afraid of creating something new! If people like your Cake Shop 3 they'll tell all their relatives and friends about it and new customers will come soon. This game is so nice and unusual that you will become its fan and make your shop a success. All you need is to make a start!
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Download Cake Shop 3 - Download cafe games Download Cake Shop 3 - Download cafe games Download Cake Shop 3 - Download cafe games


5 areas
Numerous customs
Funny gameplay
Interesting story
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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 10.0
based on

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