Cake Shop 2 - Time Management Game Download

Cake Shop 2 - time management game download
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Cake Shop 2 - time management game download

Do you like cooking? Can you say that it’s hobby? If you are fond of making delicious dishes – the game Cake Shop 2 is a perfect choice for you! Even if you are working as a bank accountant or a policeman, prevent your hobby from falling into oblivion and practice cooking every time to please your relatives and friends. Welcome to the amazing time management game Cake Shop 2 and help hard-working girl Emily cope with a challenging mission! Emily is an ordinary girl who has travelled to the exotic country to spend her vacation. She is really talented in cooking and the owner of the small café once asked her for help, he has to go away for about 2 weeks because his granny is going to get married again. So there are no other candidates for running the café in his absence except Emily. Federico wouldn’t have been a successful businessman if he couldn’t think over his future steps - he decided that Emily was a perfect candidate to take his place for about a couple of weeks and he was right. But Emily won’t be able to cope with everything alone! In the game Cake Shop 2 your aim is to help the girl serve the clients and satisfy them with tasty dishes in time. You appear in the lovely café where you are to perform the duties of the waitress and the café-owner at the same time. Do your best to cope with all the orders the fastest possible and you will get tips from the clients! Everything depends on your swiftness and attention: the quicker you get the order to the client, the more stars and tips you’ll receive. Try not to be confused with the order or you’ll waste time on making it again. Soon there will be so many clients in your small café that it will be impossible to place all of them at the same time. So, think about rebuilding the café into the large bar – now you earn a lot, so hire workers and choose decorations for your future bar. Such a captivating part of the game, isn’t it? Each time you have enough money, you are able to buy a decoration for the bar: a nice counter, lovely wooden chairs, bright signboard and another useful things. When you start thinking about the menu, you see there lots of cakes. There are various kinds of cakes popular in the Cake Shop, so learn all the receipts not to make a mistake while preparing a cake for a client. Chocolate and marzipan cakes, cakes with crema and fruits, exotic jelly cakes and others – this is the original menu in the café, think over what you can add to the menu to attract clients? Get ready to learn lots of cake receipts to amaze your customers and think about new equipment such as coffee machine, cola and soda-maker, juicer, and popcorn machine. You’ll see how your profits will increase! Later on you’ll get a chance to purchase a machine for making hot milk and cappuccino and what about oven for pizza? Your clients will be happy to taste it, so it’s your chance to earn more. But the only thing that disappoints you is the fact that some of the clients should wait for their turn and it really annoys them – so the reputation of the café is getting worse. But there are several bonuses in the game Cake Shop 2 that you can use to make Emily’s life the game easier. If you use the bonus “Patient guests”, your clients stay patient longer than earlier and you can prevent their displeasure and your café’s reputation won’t shake. “Time Frost” will slow the time and your day will last longer, so you may earn more money. And while using the bonus “Quick machines”, all your machines will work quicker and it won’t take long time to complete the orders. So play the amazing time management game Cake Shop 2, entice the clients to your café and make a profit!


Download Cake Shop 2 - time management game download Download Cake Shop 2 - time management game download Download Cake Shop 2 - time management game download


Swift game process
Cool upgrades to help you
Many town cafes to create
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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 7.0