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Brave Pirate
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Brave Pirate

The ship is ready and the crew is eager to start a new adventure in the breathtaking game Brave Pirate. Hurry up, captain, time to prove your superiority in the seas as you are the true terror of the seas! Get abroad and lead your honorable gang of the restless sea rovers through the dangerous waves. Find 4 pieces of the ancient treasure map to become the richest person ever! Pieces are kept in different ports, fortified to protect the artifacts. Attack the defenders and take all desirable things! But of course you aren't the only one who is hunting for these powerful artifacts in these waters - other pirates stay on your way and try to destroy your ship together with its crew. But this is not a problem for you. Play the game Brave Pirate and beat off all enemies' attacks! Guide the ships and destroy island fortifications to save your crew. Maneuver between mines or shoot them to receive bonuses. Pick up additional points or repair the frigate and lead it finally to the port. Get different upgrades for your weapon and shoot large balls or develop it to the machine gun-cannon! All your enemies deserve - is to go to the sea bottom so provide them with a one-way pass. Enjoy the captivating game Brave Pirate and furrow the seas and oceans with your gang! Listen to the energetic soundtrack while hunting the ancient treasure. Keep your ship upgraded and go on searching for lots of bonuses. Get ready to meet crowds of desperate enemies after you have got pieces of the map. Follow the salty breeze and rule your mighty ship to the final destination where the treasure is already waiting for you. Download the game Brave Pirate, set sail, and all hands on deck!