Billiards Club - 3D Pool Game

Billiards Club - 3d Pool Game
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Billiards Club - 3d Pool Game

Ladies and gentlemen! We proudly present a new Billiards Club game! Everyone who is eager to play billiard can find this new simulator extremely entertaining - even awesome! All about billiard is quite simple: look at the table - you see white and colored balls on it. You have a stick that is called the cue. Hit the white ball with the cue so it hits colored one, and drive it to one of six holes called pockets. All the other rules you can find in the built-in helpdesk to Billiards Club. There are different game modes, 9 balls with order or without it, snooker, three balls, etc. Controls are exceptionally convenient for this type of games; you can even forget you are not holding the real cue! Physics model of ball movement simulate reality very well, all the combinations that take part in billiards can be tested here, and you can also try some tricks. Thus, if you develop your skills in Billiards Club you can apply it in real tournaments. Despite that, you can practice on your own in a single mode, or try your skills against computer opponent (there are 3 levels of difficulty, and you will need great skills to win even "beginner" rival). By the way, why not to play with your friends on one PC in a hot seat mode? Visuals are 3D, and textures are drawn very realistically, moreover, they create the atmosphere of a real club, where people have even fireplace, bookshelves and all the stuff. Calm music and realistic sounds will accompany your play. Download Billiards Club for free right now and enjoy your own billiard tournament!


Download Billiards Club - 3d Pool Game Download Billiards Club - 3d Pool Game Download Billiards Club - 3d Pool Game


Dozen of game modes
3 levels of difficulty
Brilliant visuals, realistic ball physics
In-game music player
3d Pool Game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista
1.3 GHz processor
256 Mb RAM
128 Mb video card