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Bato is a sacred game which came from the Tibetan mountains. It is a form of meditation and communication with the spirits and the space. With the help of Bato you can understand the essence of the universe as the game opens the secret of enlightenment and ancient knowledge. Not everyone can reveal these secrets. In Tibet there are special Bato Academies in which young people study all aspects of meditation. One of these students who reached the highest level of development went on a journey through the desert to find the lost treasures which, according to a legend, is hidden in the cave of a mountain. While the game is downloading, sit in the lotus asana and listen. Bato is a puzzle which is solved on a flat table with round colored stones on it. You should move the rocks and knock them together. When they crash they turn into the magical dust. You must remove all the stones from the board to fill a jar. But be careful to avoid careless movements or you will empty the jar. In this case you will lose and won't be able to gain the ancient knowledge. Impartial gods will be watching you. If you show respect to their demands you will be rewarded with useful things. From your native village you will travel through the ruins, deep forests and mountain tops to the dreadful cave. And do not forget to collect trophies. There are many of them on your way and they will be very useful. If you are tired you can disable the time mode and relax to the pleasant music thinking over each move. Discover the mysterious world of Tibet!


Download Bato - stones game Download Bato - stones game Download Bato - stones game


8 fascinating places on the Tibetan map
Over 70 astonishing levels
Lots of obstacles and challenges
Wisdom of ancient gods
Trophies and bonuses
Pleasant calm Tibetan music
stones game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
30 Mb of hard drive space
DirectX 8.0
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