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Astrology 2 Damned Mill
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Astrology 2 Damned Mill

Welcome to the sinister game Astrology 2 Damned Mill with awesome graphics and perfect soundtrack! Are you afraid of darkness? Of course, you are. Everybody is afraid of endless thick darkness where you are unable to bring your desultory thoughts together. You are entrapped and there is no way out... Be ready to dive into the eternal nightmare, where no daylight can ever touch a blade of grass and the branches seem like deadly paws. The strange charming call is decoying you and you can't withstand this sinister magic. In the spooky arkanoid Astrology 2 Damned Mill you'll find yourself in the gloomy forest where you are to banish the evil forces from their shelter - the damned mill in the depths of the forest. All you have is a magic ball - use it to crush numerous solid blocks of the damned mill. There are a lot of levels in the bizarre game Astrology 2 Damned Mill and you have to pass all of them to complete the mission. It's high time to check both attention and reaction. Be on alert to put the paddle under the ball in time! Destroy the blocks, break rotten trees and knock the giant spiders down, earn scores and unlock new locations. Just touch different gems and get flame and freeze power-ups, use acceleration and charge your ball with disastrous power. Some things are harmful, keep out of the jack-o-lanterns not to waste a life. Hold your own way and don't let evil forces get the upper hand in the eerie arkanoid Astrology 2 Damned Mill!