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It's time for creepy stories, so take your seats and prepare to dive into obscure atmosphere of overwhelming horror! In the new game Another you'll find yourself in the perfect horror film, where you are the defenseless victim. Your aim is to help the main character defeat the unknown powers in his dreams that have been following him since youth. His dreams are really terrifying, they absorb the protagonist and he won't be able to escape from them without your help. His dreams become stronger and more realistic when his fear grows and one day his nightmares will bring him to his grave. In the game Another you should help him to overcome all his nightmares and survive in the whirl of his fears and worries. The end of the game is already known - the protagonist can't bear the torments anymore and flatly refused to sleep. In 6 days he was taken to the asylum where he soon died because of enormous portion of sedatives and painkillers. Very sad story, isn't it? But the main character was given the second chance - so you are to become his protector, the friend that can save him from death and help to guess the riddle why he was haunted. In the mystic game Another you should replay protagonist's life and take part in all the thrilling and dangerous events of his dreams. Don't let your fears take up your soul and don't succumb to despair - only then you'll be able to defeat the ghosts from the past!

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