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The Adventures of Ambages
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The Adventures of Ambages

Are you sick and tired of the games with the same plot and of the creatures that are alike? Well, now we have something extraordinary for you. Try your hand in The Adventures of Ambages. Do you want to learn his story right now? First, you should meet Ambages - the Cow Man who is very industrious and works hard on his farm. He is a good farmer and you can always see him with his pitchfork that helps Ambages make his farm look nice and well-cared-for. Everything is calm and peaceful with such a ruler. There is harmony at the field and everywhere around. In fact, it used to be so, but once the awful goblins appeared in Animaland everything turned upside down. The robbers made a mess of slow-moving tempo of Cow Man's life and the other inhabitants. And to save Dog people, Sheep girls and many others this brave and determined farmer made up his mind to defeat the enemies. The revenge will be frightening: the Cow Man will take his pitchfork and start hunting. Will you take part in The Adventures of Ambages? You'll definitely like passing through the levels and fighting with those ghosts and goblins that spoiled Animaland's beauty and comfort. Everybody is tired of the harm they did and will be grateful to you if you can free them and solve the problem as soon as possible. Here is your challenge in The Adventures of Ambages. You need nothing but your skills to put an end to all those troubles. So just download this game and get the best results to help Animaland become happy again.

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