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Amazing Pyramids
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Amazing Pyramids

Build Amazing Pyramids of worlds! This game is the nicest gym for your brains! If you like crosswords and word-puzzles you'll certainly appreciate it. Well, now we are going to the exciting adventure in the Saharan desert. There you discover lots of ancient ruins and pyramids. Solve its secret and get the best scores! Authentic Egyptian soundtrack creates the atmosphere of mystery and tranquility. This will help you to relax and concentrate all your attention on the Amazing Pyramids game. There are two modes of playing at your choice - Adventure and Classic. Before you start playing take your time to read the instruction. Select the Adventure mode and join the group of scientists who are eager to explore the ruins. You learn a catching ancient story and even be able to touch it! Choose the classic mode and study the ancient buildings yourself. Word by word you should riddle the brain-teaser, going from the bottom to the top of the pyramid. Use the bricks of the alphabet and the power-up tiles. In case you play without mistakes you'll get some assistance. Watch the level of your vital energy in the vessel. Every time you click the wrong letter from the board it comes to an end. You may risk and guess the whole word! If you are right, you'll save your vital energy and get extra-points! There are more than 18000 words in Amazing Pyramids! This mission is not easy. But the feeling of great triumph when you get through the game can be compared to nothing! Don't miss a chance to download the game right now absolutely for free!