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Operation Alpha Zylon
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Operation Alpha Zylon

Stressful situations are everywhere in our life and unfortunately we sometimes can't avoid them or even predict where and when they'll find us. People don't like to be stringed up and of course they prefer to relax after such stressful working days. Have you got the same problems in your life? We have great news for you: the solution is to do something very active while spending your spare time. Why not shout, run and jump to shake off the sense of weariness and have hours of entertainment? Still that's not all Operation Alpha Zylon provides you with. It's a complicated game with an interesting plot and capturing gameplay. There are fights and missions to be completed - everything you know from your favorite games, everything you like, actually. And what are the objections of Operation Alpha Zylon? You'll find yourself in the Middle East or you'll have to beat the enemies somewhere in Africa. Nobody knows what will be the most difficult thing in the operation. Liberation may take a lot of time and you should be prepared for every sudden situation. If you're ready for the battles with jeeps, gun turrets and traps then take the knife and begin. The game is really challenging and you'll even have to make use of such things as machine gun to accomplish the goals. But nothing can be too difficult for the real professional. Just show your abilities and prove yourself the enemies have no chances to survive. Lots of opportunities are waiting for you in Operation Alpha Zylon.