Aloha TriPeaks

Aloha TriPeaks
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Categories: Patience, Board

Aloha TriPeaks

If you are sick and tired of the ordinary solitary games where only the backs and the background are changing welcome to the new absorbing game Aloha TriPeaks. Here you are to travel around the Hawaiian Islands in a beautiful balloon. No more structured piles with additional store to the left (or to the right). Now the cards create fanciful designs on the game field. The rules are similar to the familiar solitary but here you have 2 modes – Normal and Hard. While playing it's possible to put the cards in the pile from King to Ace and vice versa. It means your task is to find the card on the playing field which goes before or after the one in the Stock Pile and match it! It's that simple in the game Aloha TriPeaks! You just imagine yourself at one of the Hawaiian beaches and start playing. However, the gameplay is becoming more difficult level after level so you'd better learn about the hints. You have two of them – the first one is Reveal. Any time you need some help you can click on the button with this hint and all the cards on the play field are open for you. Unfortunately, until the next move only. The next hint is Fan which deletes unwonted card on the game field. However, be very careful with the hints – as their number is limited. Nevertheless, you can earn additional hints matching the cards with the special signs. Enjoy the game whenever you feel like it! Play Aloha TriPeaks for free and relax to Hawaiian music.


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Great number of levels
Two modes to choose from
Beautiful design
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows /98/ME/XP/Vista/7
Processor 300 Mhz or better
64 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1