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Advanced Lines
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Advanced Lines

Welcome to the old-school atmospheric board game famous all over the planet! Meet Advanced Lines! The rules are as easy as ABC! You build a line of 5 or more figures and it disappears. Seems to be too simple? Try beating the game with new advanced obstacles that appear unpredictably each time you make a move! Build horizontal or vertical lines of figures of the same color and make your brick wall rise! Tiny monsters run through cells and group together according to your orders. This game is funny in appearance and mind-blowing inside! If you are OK with the lines maybe it's time to move up? Switch lines to shapes and squares and play the classic puzzle once again! Advanced Lines is so easy that it's almost impossible to believe what a huge world is hiding inside. Funny dynamic or static animation will entertain you upon your wish. Build enormous figures and receive extra points! Become a champion and share your achievements over the internet. Advanced menu is full of hints and explanations. Adjust the game to your liking and enjoy the limitless entertainment while your mind gets smarter and smarter! Share the game with your best friends and check who is able to fit more lines and figures within limited area! Throw the blue monster down from his chair so that he cannot laugh at you anymore. The classic never gets old and Advanced Lines is the best proof! Download it for free and rock your brain until you can push the buttons! The monsters dance to the beat, so have fun and make them vanish!