2 Camps

2 Camps
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Categories: Arcade

2 Camps

Are you sick to the back teeth of grey working days? Then the bright game 2 Camps is just what the doctor ordered! Don’t allow the enemies to come near your buildings. You have several types of unusual weapons and spells at your disposal. Buy various upgrades and rush to the attack. Keep an eye on the level of mana. If you are short of it you won’t be able to do anything. Plunge into the bright world of the exciting game 2 Camps and try to win the epic battle!


Download 2 Camps Download 2 Camps Download 2 Camps


Bright graphics
Funny characters
Easy control
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1