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Vivid Arkanoid
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Vivid Arkanoid

Clean the space with the magic agile ball that you are able to control and use as a weapon of destruction. Use left and right buttons for swift moves and catches, then push the other buttons to accomplish the goal. Vivid Arkanoid is played in a timed mode, so hurry up! You will face three types of mean and cruel enemies that won't wait for long and damage you soon! Be the first to strike and become the hero of the game. The more important enemy you defeat the more points you score for your account. See the value of each enemy in the instruction which should be read with utmost care. After a while lots of bonus item will fall from the ruined blocks - you have to catch them, don't miss a thing. They give you extraordinary opportunities for moving, protecting, speed increasing and more abilities to catch your ball. What is more the ball itself can be tripled if you get a chance to catch the appropriate item. The problem is that you are in danger because bonuses may not only be useful but also damaging. Either your life will be taken or the time you are able to play will be reduced. You will see that even the skate and its speed can be decreased and that's bad news in Vivid Arkanoid. The good one is that it's a new version of a well-known arcanoid and you'll definitely find it enjoyable. See what's new on a new level of Vivid Arkanoid - each of them is surprisingly interesting from every point of view. Download the game for free right now and have fun!