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Animal Retreat
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Animal Retreat

Nobody knows how poor squirrel was set in this strange world but the fact remains the fact. Now it has to collect all crystals from every level and maybe get home in the end. Animal Retreat is a wonderful must-have puzzle game full of surprises and amazing things! Jump from platform to platform and gather gems to pass to the next round. This free game has more than 30 exciting 3D levels of different size and complexity. All levels are set in the air on such a dizzy height it would be a pity if the animal fell down! This mind-breaking puzzle makes your heart go faster when you unzoom the view and see how large the game area is! Jump from one plate to another and avoid different enemies. Watch your step because not all surfaces are stable. Get higher and reach distant places on elevators! Animal Retreat with its mind-blowing gameplay will stay for a long time in your computer! The game is divided into three thematic divisions and in every one you'll find unique rivals and means to get them round. The time for each level is limited but be free to pick up bonus sandglass to prolong it where needed. Find extra lives and get a magic shield to stay invulnerable. Freeze them for a while, and set bombs. Cast a magic tornado and run away! Collect all crystals to switch on the salutary teleport. Change camera view not to mislead the squirrel from stairs or a transporter. Dozens of original obstacles captivate you and call for all the skills you have! Download full game Animal Retreat and check out this great puzzle!