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Virtual Villagers: A New Home
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Virtual Villagers: A New Home

Virtual Villagers: A New Home is a nice game with an interesting story to follow. People you'll meet here will demand constant action from you. They have just found their new home and now they need time to look around and decide what to do next. Of course, you have been a newbie in something at least once in your life so you must understand very well how difficult it is to begin everything from the ground up. Virtual Villagers: A New Home has prepared a lot of surprises for you and for the inhabitants of the island. They'll have to learn how to gather fruit and build houses, make scientific research and bring up children, solve everyday problems and find advantages in their new life. Look after the villagers and don't let them give up as good effort is always rewarded. Give pieces of advice, do remember you're responsible for the others and people will be grateful to you. As the time passes the island will be more comfortable and pleasant to live on. The villagers will learn a lot from you and their experience will move them forward. You'll see how clever they are and are filled with pride for them. Be attentive not to miss a single detail and control everything. If you're sick and tired of managing you can just sit and watch these people exploring their lands. Virtual Villagers: A New Home will make your spare time interesting and challenging. All the villagers are unique and it's high time to make friends with each of them. Doing complicated tasks you'll be closer to the victory!