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Tri-Peaks Twist Collection
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Tri-Peaks Twist Collection

Tri-Peaks Twist Collection is an outstanding example of classical solitaire game. With excellent card backs and unexpected arrangements of cards it will definitely become one of your favorite ones! You are free to choose one of the 3 modes available. Want a relaxing game - check for level mode and play as long as you wish. There are also games you can choose and random games that will be selected for you accidentally. Tri-Peaks Twist Collection will take you to the far-away lands and the music will charm you while you play. The sceneries are amazing and you enjoy every second of the game play. Awesome power-ups are available for you during the game and it depends only upon your skill how many points you score and bonuses you gain. The main goal is typical: you need to clear the board from the cards and be as quick as possible. Your score is given at the bottom as well as the number of attempts available. When you see a card given you need to find a match - the one with a higher or lower value. The game is easy still it requires much attention. There is a huge number of arrangements ahead and 5 excellent landscapes in the background. Tri-Peaks Twist Collection contains unique levels that will please the eye and satisfy any gamer's needs. Feel free from everyday fuss and take part in a relaxed adventure with the thrilling game. The moment you start playing you can't stop discovering new edges of the game. Welcome to the world of Queens and Kings and don't forget that you need an ace in the hole!

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