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Tricks and Treats
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Tricks and Treats

Spooky stories aren't just for Halloween anymore! With Tricks and Treats, you can have devilish fun all year long. Use your wits to match shapes and patterns as you attempt to match three similar shapes together. Work to build your mansion as you progress from puzzle to puzzle, finding increasingly complex patterns that will test the limits of your strategic skill. Will your home be ready in time for your Tricks and Treats party? With guests from all around the world, only the most skilled puzzle solvers will be able to collect enough money to deck their halls with the most intricate decorations. You must put your skills to the test to see if you can join the ranks of those who have achieved the highest levels of greatness before it is too late! Unlock upgrades with exceptional performance so you can earn everything you need to terrify your guests. The enchanting music that accompanies every level of Tricks and Treats will be sure to get you in the spirit, and the spooky graphics will certainly give you a real surprise. Pick up bonuses to get even more powers and help you complete even larger combos to get bonus money, so you can throw a party your guests will never forget!

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