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Sky Taxi 3: The Movie
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Sky Taxi 3: The Movie

Take part in a spy adventure with Mr. Mich in Sky Taxi 3: The Movie! The superstar mouse in a luxurious white sparkling tuxedo will go through all the obstacles to punish the evil. The mouse is brave and handsome, charming and dexterous. What can be better than trying the job of the super agent in the real missions! There will be hideous monsters round the corner, every step is endangered and there are lots of treasures to gather - what a lot of work! The journey is still entertaining and speedy. Every new level is more complicated and challenging, every new enemy is even more vicious and die-hard than the previous ones. They hold shotguns and carefully patrol every single spot. So be aware of them and jump on the creatures to destroy them quickly. You can also use the weapons as you walk - shoot and be precise. Sky Taxi 3: The Movie is a story-based adventure with a thrilling plot for those who adore action and riddles in one game. The route arrow will show you a better way to get into the sky taxi after accomplishing the level and there is nothing impossible for such a risky and daredevil little mouse. Every mission brings you closer to the general battle against the boss. That is going to be a challenge! For sure you are never bored when there are so many coins to collect, sweets to pick up and notorious gangsters to fight ahead! Sky Taxi 3: The Movie boasts its excellent graphics and the action takes place in various up-to-date locations, so the decorations are gorgeous. As well as the plot. Act now!