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Secrets Of Six Seas
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Secrets Of Six Seas

In XXIV century mankind stands on the verge of an environmental catastrophe. It took a lot of time to fill the whole World Ocean with waste products. To prevent further pollution unique treatment facilities and machines that became the greatest artificial intelligence breakthrough of that time were built. Perhaps, those unique machines whose aim was to clean up pollution with purifying spheres and stop further ocean pollution, got smarter than they were supposed to be. Something went wrong and well-equipped machines made for saving mankind, started to murder marines and became new masters of the seas. Since global community was not able to stand against a new threat, it called volunteers for help. They should dive to the seas and face the mad machines. You are the one of those volunteers – so do your best to survive. In the game Secrets Of Six Seas you will be equipped with a gun shooting with purifying spheres in order to clean the seas up. Wicked machines will do their best to interfere with your work by overloading purifying facilities. You need to stop the disastrous machines until purifying structures clean up the sea. As one sea is cleaned up and captured, you will be moved by headquarters to another one. The cleaner ocean becomes, the more difficult is to purify the next sea because the machines don't know how to give up. In the stunning game Secrets Of Six Seas you will attend outstanding locations and get better understanding why the seas became what they are. Explore the seas in the Secrets Of Six Seas and don't give wicked machines capture the world!

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