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Rolling Spells
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Rolling Spells

Welcome to Pacific Rock, the world of Rolling Spells! It used to be a nice, charming place that was famous in the whole magic world due to its incredible nature. There was no one who could resist charms of Pacific Rock beauty, and Elephly wasn't an exception. His origin is a mystery but what is obvious that since he has come, there is no harmony in Pacific Rock and ugly monsters are hiding around. The only one hope to bring back peaceful time is a magician who knows spells to send away Elephly. To produce necessary amount of potions the magician needs an assistant. Your mission in Rolling Spells is to help the wise woman to boil cocktails by putting ingredients in respective jug. Unfortunately, her lab is in mess and full of annoying bees who love the sweet fragrance of boiling potions thus to put components in pots becomes a hard-to-get task. Moreover, the ingredients are really valuable so for each broken bottle the magician is going to recite a piece of a spell to turn you into a snake (the woman thinks your arms aren't something useful anyway) unless you give her 3 golden coins to buy a new one. Meanwhile, work with the great magician gives you an opportunity to learn more spells that increase your skills dramatically. Between boiling potions' times you will need to save the magician from annoying monsters inconveniencing her. The closer you are to prepare a potion to defeat Elephly, the uglier monsters he sends to discomfort your work. Try not to break potions and resist the wicked invader playing Rolling Spells!