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Pizza Dude
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Pizza Dude

Poor Uncle Francesco! What has happened to him? He has run out of money and has no opportunity to pay the bills so he left the restaurant. What can Kimberly and Kevin do now? Some solution must be found immediately to convince the favorite uncle's return. So the niece and the nephew made up their mind to earn a great sum of money within one day by cooking and delivering pizza. And nobody knows what will be more difficult to them. The problem is that the customers are aware of the rule: if their order isn't delivered in time they won't have to pay for it. And is there a person who doesn't like to get tasty dishes for free? Clients are experienced enough and use this opportunity to their advantage. They set bars to make your way to their houses longer and more difficult. So it's a perfect challenge for you also. Pizza Dude gives you a chance to show your skills both in cooking and driving. What do you like more? Kimberly and Kevin need somebody to help them with everything as they love their uncle very much and don't want to disappoint him. By adding different toppings like vegetables and meat you'll create pizza and bring it to your customers travelling on a bike. But beware of dogs - they'll interfere with your plans in Pizza Dude. Remember you're limited in time so try to avoid difficulties to get the money you need. Do your best and Uncle Francesco will be grateful to you! Pizza Dude is so enjoyable that you'll soon like it and won't be able to stop! Download the game right now.