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Magus. In Search of Adventure
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Magus. In Search of Adventure

What is Magus. In Search of Adventure? If you're tired of your daily routine, if you want both to relax and to have fun, if you're looking for something not very complicated but still challenging this game will definitely suit you. There're no awful battles or nervous fights, you won't have to beat or shoot anybody, your enemies are not disgusting monsters - they're naughty caterpillars and big mushrooms. But all this doesn't mean Magus. In Search of Adventure lacks captivating journeys and interesting discoveries. Join Magus and you'll see everything with your own eyes. Come on, you can't just sit and watch when there're so many treasures to find and so many secrets to reveal. How are you going to cope with all these tasks? Use your brains and experience to pass levels successfully. Be attentive and careful not to let the caterpillars spoil your adventures. Make use of the leaders to escape when they're approaching your direction. If you do well you'll be awarded with the bonuses which can help you become invisible and travel safely. And don't forget you're looking for the treasures. They're everywhere so you'll have to come to the most distant areas to get them. Isn't it a great challenge Magus. In Search of Adventure provides you with? Don't hesitate and be sure you can accomplish more during each of the next levels. Magus will help you find the right way and collect the items. Download this game right now and you'll spend your spare time entertaining with a pleasant company. Enjoy the peaceful backgrounds and nice music which creates atmosphere of happiness and relaxation.