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Magic Encyclopedia. First Story
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Magic Encyclopedia. First Story

Have you heard of Magic Encyclopedia. First Story? Meet Catherine - a top student of the Academy of Magic. To control nature you have to learn a lot about it so this hard-working girl has done her best to achieve great results and pass her exams successfully. As she had done this one strange unexpected thing happened: a paper bird came from nowhere keeping a secret message on her wings. What kind of news was hid there? Catherine looked at the letter and understood there were teleportation symbols in it. She was surprised and confused. Having no idea of what the message could contain Catherine decided to start solving the riddle. Luckily, she had the Teleportation Artifact her mother and father had given her. Perhaps it could be of great use for Catherine. She would collect symbols and put them into the artifact to let the message bring her somewhere. So wasn't it more capturing than reading books and learning lines by heart? Sure it was. Well, now it's time for those who're clever and attentive to find the symbols which are hidden between the trees and bushes and which are guarded by the wood spirits. Are you among such people? Come on! Download Magic Encyclopedia. First Story right now! This exciting game is filled with various objects and 25 interesting levels to follow and enjoy. Pleasant graphics makes you feel relaxed and fill you with passion for capturing adventures. Get answers to your questions using your skills and prove there is nothing impossible for you! Magic Encyclopedia. First Story will provide you with unforgettable hours of fun!