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League of Mermaids
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League of Mermaids

The Sacred Treasures have been stolen and now the evil Kraken will rise up and destroy all the mermaid cities! Help the beautiful mermaids save their beloved homeland in a game League of Mermaids! It is a colorful Match 3 game. You need to help Cora, Mishell, Koh, and Marina return the Sacred Treasures. Will you cope with this task? At the beginning of the game you can use tutorial. There is a great variety of levels so you won’t be bored. Drop a pearl from the top of the screen and match at least 3 pearls of the same color or depicting the same treasure. To earn 3 stars for the level complete the goals written at the screen bottom. You will get different goals at every level. The more pearls you match the more scores you get. But simply matching the pearls is not enough. In the game League of Mermaids you need to remember laws of physics as sometimes there are obstacles on the way between the pearl and the game field. Or the game field bottom can be uneven which will prevent pearls from matching. Every detail is important so be careful! And don’t forget that you are pressed for time. League of Mermaids is a very beautiful game with good graphics. The pearls and treasures sparkle as if they were real. Are you ready to save wonderful homeland of the mermaids?