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Last Pilot Vs Machine Aliens
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Last Pilot Vs Machine Aliens

Ghoulish aliens conquered our home planet and decided to extinguish all living beings! The only hope is a professional warrior ready to tear apart their defense and attack the enemy's forces. Play the game for true heroes - Last Pilot Vs Machine Aliens! Start the most important fight in the history! Get inside the perfect fully equipped battleship prepared to be your partner in this liberation mission. Start every level in a new location and fly above the ground destroying enemies everywhere around you. They hide behind buildings and cars so get ready to eliminate infrastructure as well. Defeat the humanity from merciless invaders and terminate walking robots and planes leaving them no chance to survive! Defeat a powerful boss at the end of each level and win! Last Pilot Vs Machine Aliens possesses outstanding dynamic visualization and stimulates your courage with energizing music and SFX. Send rocket launchers and huge army machines to the last trip in the name of vengeance! They shoot pretty straight so don't forget to refill your health picking med kits. Increase the damage of your weapon with additional equipment. Shoot special rockets to cover larger area with fire. When getting into a dead end, crush your way with a beautiful nuke that terminates all moveable and static enemy objects leaving nothing but sorrow to the disgusting aliens! Keep on moving for you have three lives and an opportunity to save game any moment! Download the game Last Pilot Vs Machine Aliens and make the invaders regret!