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King's Legacy
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King's Legacy

You have already tried to manage with various businesses playing our games, control the income on a farm or in a service station. So you know how amazing it is to create everything from the very beginning and rule it the way you see it. King's Legacy is a perfect specimen of how to manage the whole country alone - being the prince! The plot is sad a little. You are the prince of an amazing country as your dearest and deeply respected father died. What's next? There's no time for grief, sorrow and mourning - you have to get down to work. The main goal is to continue your father's business and politics in the country. The land is full of resources, people are ready to work, and there is no time limit to fulfill the mission. King's Legacy is a game that will provide you with all kinds of abilities and opportunities. Building the kingdom starts simply. Every new level offers you a new task. There is actually a list of tasks given to you as well as the data concerning your success in general. You are a prince and the king in the future - that's good news. The bad news is that you are responsible for every citizen in your country and everybody depends on you. Just like in reality show you have an excellent picture of what's going on in the land and you have to do as much as it's possible to make the life better and your country flourish. Constricting buildings, feeding people and many other duties are in front of you to fulfill. So don't waste your time! King's Legacy - unsurpassed game that will bring you back to the Medieval royal reality!