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Kellie Stanford: Turn Of Fate
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Kellie Stanford: Turn Of Fate

Someday it is going to happen that early in the morning your phone may ring and interrupt your best dreaming. It is widely known that a call like doesn't bring any excitement in your life. Despite the fact you prefer to hurt a person calling you, it would be better pick the phone up because that call would turn everything in your life upside down. Kellie, the main character of Kellie Stanford: Turn of Fate, works at a film studio as a stylist. Once she is awaken early in the morning by a phone call from her friend Mike. He is in a rush to tell her she needs to get out of her apartment because of big-time troubles. Since she has found out that there are guys look like thugs, she understands that it's not a joke. As soon as it's possible for a girl working as a stylist, Kellie puts her things in a bag. While packing her stuff she asks herself what she has done wrong and how it happened that a stylist could get in trouble. The closer she reaches to answers, the more questions she gets that puzzle her. And soon it is clear that her past was full of lie. Playing Kellie Stanford: Turn of Fate you will try to reveal the truth about her life, friends and birth. It seems that life of the stylist will never become the same. And everything has begun with a phone call to answer. So next time you will be awaken think about it. Perhaps this is going to change your destiny as the one that turned upside down a heroine's life in Kellie Stanford: Turn Of Fate.