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Judge Dee: The City God Case
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Judge Dee: The City God Case

Are you sick and tired of everyday humdrum? Have you got a feeling that lack of bright impressions makes your life boring and monotonous? Download the nice game with perfect graphics Judge Dee: The City God Case and find yourself in China in 690 AD. All the prefectures were ruled by majors, but the law and justice were at the hands of magistrates. All of them were known as quick-minded, noble and faithful staunch defenders of order. The main character of the game Judge Dee: The City God Case is Di Renjie, or as followed from the game's title - Judge Dee. As he had finished his study, he was sent to the prefecture Yiwang, where the major was Lin Shizhang, the widow of the major. And once Judge Dee accepted a strange letter - the major Lin Shizhang called for help. Without a shadow of doubt he hurried to the city and even staying in front of locked gates, he understood that something had happened. The streets were deserted and all the stores were locked. The major Lin Shizhang told that the city was empty because everybody believed that she had angered Wu Ling - the City God and now the city and all the inhabitants were cursed. And her only son Shen was on the point of death. Judge Dee started investigating the strange case. At the game Judge Dee: The City God Case you are to look for hidden objects and solve various Asian puzzles. Choose your level of difficulty - earn scores and Dragon points - you can use them as clues. But try not to toss them up, the riddles will be more difficult with each passed level! Play Judge Dee: The City God Case and break the sinister curse from the city!