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Green City 2
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Green City 2

Help your neighboring city become eco-friendly in the marvelous game Green City 2! Mary Pickles is a mayor of Greencity. Once a little girl comes to her and asks to help the city named Bigrock in getting rid of junkyards and becoming eco-friendly. Mary is determined to do her best! Help the young mayor in the colorful and challenging game Green City 2! You will have certain goals at the beginning of each level. For example, to earn six suburban houses or to get rid of a junkyard. Soon you will be able to build not only small houses, but cottages and multi-story buildings! Of course, you need money to perform all the tasks. The citizens will pay rent for the houses they live in. Mind that if the building needs to be repaired it will bring no money! The better the surrounding area is the higher will be the rent, so get rid of the junkyards and abandoned houses. Also don't forget to do ecological upgrades, which will also increase the cost for the buildings. Promenades will improve the ecology and increase the value of the neighboring houses. One of the specific features of the game is that everything can be upgraded. The higher is the level the more tasks you need to perform. Build cafes and banks, check that there are enough power stations, hire more workers. Will you be able to perform simultaneous tasks? Help the citizens in the dynamic game Green City 2!