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Defense of Roman Britain
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Defense of Roman Britain

Help the Roman Legion to defend against the barbarians in the game Defense of Roman Britain! More than 10 years passed when first Roman legions had landed to Britannia. Celts and Britts tried to oppose but Roman army was stronger. Launch the game Defense of Roman Britain and plunge into the difficult yet exciting times where two armies fight to death! As a young Roman patrician, you should take a part in calming the rising tribes. It won’t be easy at all because terrible Caracatus and Druids are leaders there! Take part in the battles and intrigues to outwit all the scoundrels! Produce powerful weapons and plan the strategy of protection! Don’t forget to use different tactics to have various endings of levels and lead the squads of warriors. Keep in mind that the prosperity of Roman Empire and emperor’s life depend of you. You have nothing but winning the war, so don’t let people down!