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FBI: Paranormal Case
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FBI: Paranormal Case

In FBI: Paranormal Case you will meet Special Agent William J. James who has just taken over his job at the FBI in the Department of Unclosed Case Files. William enters his new office and sees an incredible mess there: piles of documents on the table, lots of junk and rubbish all around the room… The last owner of this office has completely disappeared and there has been no news from him since his last assignment in Siberia. No one knows what's happened to him and this story is full of mysteries. But William has lots of work to do and can't waste time. Will you help him in this captivating game FBI: Paranormal Case? Your first task is to tidy up the room so that William can actually start working there. You have to collect the objects that are hidden in different places. The list of items to find is placed on the screen. Whenever you're through with your first task, the office is ready for the new owner to start working. Congratulations! Great job! Now William is anxious to start investigating numerous cases. He turns on his computer and what does he see? It's very disorganized! He cannot find anything in this mess! So your next task in FBI: Paranormal Case is to file all the folders in this computer. When you are done with this job, there will be many more interesting and challenging tasks awaiting William and you! There's no time for boredom in FBI: Paranormal Case!