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Fairy Words
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Fairy Words

Outstanding gameplay of the great puzzle Fairy Words will remind you of the good old times when magic was pretty common thing, and amulets were necessary to avoid witches and wizards. Enjoy this challenging game to the fantasy-like soundtrack and detailed visualization. Original rules require your attention and strategy to be on good level. You receive a word across the game field and your main objective is to create new words attaching as many new letters as you need. Neither computer rival nor stopwatch is challenging you so you have plenty of time to think and succeed. Check how big your vocabulary is and don't forget there is no need to add another letter while you are able to create new words using existing ones. Even a two-letter word is worth your attention! Catch the moment when a letter contains a bonus item and get some extra profit. Double or triple word's score or add a crystal to the dragon amulet. Get all crystals to receive the major trophy of Fairy Words. Use as less cells as possible and get additional scores for every empty spot! Check the list of used words to avoid repeats. Requirements for score quantity grow up with every new level up so should you pay more attention to the game field and not be afraid of geometrical shapes. Words may go in almost all possible ways including extreme passing from horizontal to diagonal or whatever more. You simply should try this thrilling game Fairy Words and it will occupy your mind for a long time. Download it for free and entertain yourself for unlimited time.