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Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planets
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Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planets

Do you want anything funny, relaxing and very unusual? Have you got any idea of Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planets? Those little cute creatures live on Cygnus X planet, have their own habits and duties. They're very active and rush from planet to planet making a mess everywhere. But to come back to their home dweebs will have to make their way to it. Colorful boxes will serve as the means of constructing paths. Still it's not enough: these fur creatures need somebody to direct them as they're too fussy to concentrate and it's not easy for them to agree to do the same things together. They just can't join one another to come home as fast as possible. So would you like to try your hand in restricting the order in the world of eternal disagreements? Make friends with blue, red, green and yellow little things who will brighten your life at once and fill you with positive emotions. You just can't help smiling looking at them. You can be of great use in Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planets. Concentrate on the boxes and use the arrows to show the dweebs their way. But remember the rule: blue ones will only obey you with blue boxed and so on. Will you manage to convince them? You should be quick and tolerant as these creatures are sometimes not good at communicating. But you'll never be bored with them! Discover each of 20 unique planets, enjoy the graphics and don't forget about the time limits while playing. You'll soon get used to Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planets and won't be able to stop. Download the game right now!