Become the real hero and restore the balance between good and evil!
Travel in time, become a brave knight and save the king from dethronement!
Protect the beautiful island with all the means available!
Plunge into the sinister world to save people from total mind control!
Don't let the alien invasion take over the Earth!
Become the one who will save the Earth!
See the whole world and win a bet with brave Phileas Fogg!
Fight against monsters to deserve king’s grace!
Gather all the children of Beetle Bug together and bring them back home!
Free the land from robots as soon as possible!
Help Brave Piglet shoot the wolf and not to be his lunch!
Turn a modest boy into a great warrior!
Restore the ancient calendar and save the Earth!
Help Captain Otto find his beloved and live happily!
Team up with a heroic hen to defeat a world of crazy guys and evil beasts!
Explore the other side of the city sewerage and fix all problems!
Fight against various types of aliens' spaceships and become the winner!
Do your best to get rid of the aliens and live in peace on the Earth!
Join the forces of good and defeat the evil!
Help a brave hero defeat an evil magician and find a dragon!
It's time to discover a world of magic and intrigue!
Help Elias the Mighty capture a terrible criminal and save his beloved horse!
Join the young adventurer to the magical land and free the fairy dwellers!
Help Mathin overcome all the obstacles and meet his grandmother!
Defeat the terrorists who captured a peaceful city!
Travel to another planet and protect its little inhabitants!
Help a funny frog reach desirable flowers and mushrooms!
Engine roar, wind noise in the ears, and hundreds of miles of the road up front – that’s all that a real biker needs.
Help little Gnomzy defeat the evil magician and save magic forest!
Help Grabrilla destroy all the buildings using only a coconut!
Solve the riddles of a hideous kidnapping!
Restore the house and defeat the cunning bandits!
Create chains of three items in an adventure through Ancient Greece!
Gods and people are waiting for your help!
Help Santa find the items he needs on Christmas Eve!
Become a professional warrior who saves the beloved Earth!
Set out for a deadly ride and try to resist the whole army!
Find all the symbols and get the answers to your questions!
Defeat the cunning wizard and return the magical artifact!
Save one garden and the whole world from the alien invasion!
You have only 72 hours to find the professor - use them wisely!
Reveal all the secrets searching even in the darkest corners of the rooms!
Help the funny creature explore the miraculous world!
Save yourself and the crew from the awful monsters!
Protect your base from the numerous enemies!
Join PJ in her detective work and get the pets back to their owners!
Enjoy exploring the most unusual world of the plasticine planet!
Help the raccoon Poofik overcome all the obstacles safe and sound!
Save the town before it is wiped off the face of the planet Earth!
Colonize the god-forsaken island and survive there!
Customize your comic book hero and conquer the top slot of the Hall of Fame!
Protect the innocent fairies from the frightening aliens!
Go on a journey around the world and rescue it from rubbish!
Take part in a spy adventure with Mr. Mich in Sky Taxi 3: The Movie!
Join the team of the Sky Taxi and defeat the cruel monster!
Beat off the hordes of aliens to save the survivors!
Become a manager of a mall for ghosts!
Collect all the hidden objects to evade the aliens' tests!
Be a hero - get rid of the ghastly bugs who dream of enslaving the humanity!
Oh no, the bloodthirsty alien bugs are back for revenge - defeat ‘em all!
Get ready to fight with hoards of alien beasts as they attack the Earth!
Restore a fairy-tale realm by collecting elements and casting spells!
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Search the ocean bottom in chase of numerous treasures!
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Enjoy playing with a funny little turtle!
Rack your brains to help Jake return home!
Destroy the wicked shaman to restore the kingdom!
Prove you can defeat the hordes of aliens alone!
Don’t let the aliens come close to the planet Earth!
Fight armies of invaders in a funny game Zak & Jack in Showdown at Monstertown!