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Born To Be Big Multiplayer
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Born To Be Big Multiplayer

Once upon a time there lived a tiny fish who was afraid of everything and everywhere it went there were huge sea creatures threatening its life! Wonder what happened later? The fish became very big and scaring one in that little pond! Go through all the obstacles with your tiny hunter and learn more about the underwater life with Born To Be Big Multiplayer. The main goal is to stay away from big dangerous fish that swim all around and are extremely hungry. The player is given a limited quantity of lives that's why you've got to be careful and not too courageous. The main rule is very similar to that of life - never attack a bigger fish! So you have to choose what size fish is edible for you and what species are fatal. Born To Be Big Multiplayer is a vivid and very dynamic game that will thrill you and grasp your attention. It develops the sense of competitiveness at its highest degree. So take your time and don't be in a hurry otherwise other fish can use that. Born To Be Big Multiplayer is a typical example of best multiplayer games that will attract you with its astonishing picture and optimistic sound that will fill you with energy. Realistically rendered giant underwater landscape and various opportunities to show your skill won't let you indifferent. The game is easy to navigate and the rules are quite simple. Though in the beginning it may seem impossible to move so quickly - later it becomes difficult for you to stop playing! Manage your hungry fish and make it a real master of the underwater kingdom! Use your chance and play right now after you download that!